Steering Committee

The Mission, Vision and Values (MVV) Steering Committee was created to enable the successful launch and ongoing integration of the FBO MVVs into everything we do, to help achieve our vision of becoming THE Model of Service Excellence.

We're made up of employees from all levels and units across the division, and meet bi-weekly to turn the ideas you share on the Innovation Idea Cards into FBO-wide events, team activities, and everyday practices that will help increase awareness and drive engagement among all FBO employees. The committee is supported by the FBO Senior leadership team.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Identify ways to help keep MVV 'visible' throughout the division
  • Identify critical MVV initiatives (learning experiences, activities, etc.) to help FBO employees and stakeholders truly experience our values; Develop * and/or support initiatives as appropriate
  • Support Quarterly Town Hall meetings as needed
  • Recommend metrics to determine the success of MVV initiatives; Track and provide communication to report on progress and acknowledge ideas,questions, etc.
  • Play an Advisory/Support role to help drive change and foster continuous improvement


  • Utilize Innovative Idea Card input and ongoing internal/external customer feedback to develop recommendations
  • Create MVV calendar/timeline with values focus to enable proactive planning and ensure attendance
  • Provide opportunities for cross-divisional participation in the planning and facilitation of activities

Benefits of serving on the MVV Steering Committee:

  • Work with diverse people from all levels across the division
  • Achieve personal learning and development goals
  • Play a key role in leading change and continuous improvement
  • Have fun!