Organizational Chart

Downloadable organization chart (pdf)

  • Dave Massaron
    Chief Business Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President for Finance and Business Operations; Treasurer
  • Bethany Gielczyk
    Senior Associate Vice President of Finance and Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  • Julie Lindley
    Executive Assistant for the Chief Financial Officer and Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  • Tamaka Butler
    Assistant Vice President and Controller
  • Robert Davenport
    Associate Vice President, Facilities Planning & Management
  • Ken Doherty
    Associate Vice President, Business Services
  • Elizabeth Godwin
    Senior Director, Business Affairs
  • Carolyn Hafner
    Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Alana Askew
    Assistant Vice President and Assistant Treasurer, Treasury
  • Angela Moss
    Senior Director, Risk Management
  • Gail Ryan
    Associate Vice President, Sponsored Programs Administration
  • Robert Thompson
    Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, C&IT