Office of Business Affairs

In FY2014, as a result of a restructuring of the FBO organization, the Office of Business Affairs (Office) was restructured to provide centralized management of the FBO division's day-to-day financial and budgetary activities to ensure operational and transactional efficiency, effectiveness and compliance within a strong internal control environment and culture of integrity. A highlight of the office's responsibilities includes the preparation of the division's annual budget, routine budget-to-actual financial reporting, analyses and projections, addressing unique financial and accounting needs and activities and providing support to the division's administrative personnel who perform business affairs related activities within the division's administrative units. The Office of Business Affairs is also responsible for managing the division's personnel position budgets and personnel rosters to ensure compliance with applicable budget and financial requirements related to personnel expenditures.

The Office of Business Affairs serves in other capacities as well including leadership and support of various strategic projects and initiatives including:

FBO & BAO Partnership development initiative: Developing and nurturing a collaborative partnership between FBO and the Business Affairs Officers' (BAO) committee members. The FBO & BAO Partnership is a relatively new initiative which reflects the dotted-line reporting relationship of all decentralized business affairs officers to the FBO vice president. To operationalize this dotted-line relationship, this office is leading activities to develop and strengthen a partnership between the FBO central administrative units (Finance, Budget, Human Resources) and each BAO, working collaboratively to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, achieve excellence in business processes and improve financial controls across the University.