APPM Policy Committee

The Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (APPM) is the official compilation of the university's administrative policies and procedures.

The APPM is more focused on implementation than on the creation of actual policy. Policies, procedures and other information in this manual are derived from sources such as policies of the board of governors and the president, operating requirements, procedural studies, review of organizational responsibilities, standard practices and legal requirements. Documentation of the university's policies and procedures promotes the standardization and simplification of administrative functions and is a reference for those who have administrative responsibilities at the university.

The APPM Policy Committee is responsible for coordinating the development of policy guidelines to ensure consistent formatting, coordination of revisions/additions to APPM policies and procedures and the distribution of this information. It is the responsibility of the unit head to disseminate information pertinent to the functions of subordinates and to ensure that employees are aware of, understand and comply with all issued policies and procedures in the university's Administrative Policy and Procedure Manual.

The APPM Policy Committee consists of representatives from the offices of the division of Finance & Business Operations (FBO), Office of the Provost, Secretary to the Board Office and the Office of the General Counsel and is chaired by the vice president of FBO.

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